Registration Instructions

If you are interested in taking classes at MLML, follow these steps:

  1. Choose an MLML class using the Class Schedule.
  2. View the class description and prerequisites using the Course Catalog.  If you are not sure if you meet the class prerequisites, contact the instructor.  The instructor may require transcripts to confirm completion of prerequisites or may waive prerequisites if he or she feels your experience and coursework has adequately prepared you for the class.
  3. Obtain permission from the instructor to take the class.  Copy the Graduate Program Coordinator ( on your emails so that she has documentation.
  4. After you receive instructor permission to register in the class, request an MLML account from the Graduate Program Coordinator.
  5. After you submit this request, the MLML IT Department will create an account for you, and email you your username and password. Once you receive this information, you must login and reserve space in the desired MLML class via Populi (MLML's online system).
  6. Update your personal and emergency contact information on Populi (MLML's online system).
  7. Send the MLML Graduate Program Coordinator a picture of yourself for your student record (email to
  8. Finally, you must officially register in the class through a CSU campus.  If you are a CSUMB or SJSU graduate or undergraduate student, the MLML Graduate Coordinator will email you the needed permission codes to enroll in the course. All students are required to register through a CSU consortium campus and pay registration fees to the CSU campus. Those not enrolled at a CSU consortium campus will be dropped from class at MLML. Registration instructions vary by CSU campus and academic status.  To learn more about the CSU regitration process and fees, click on the link that most accurately describes your academic status: