Fees & Funding


Registration fees vary by CSU campus and residency status. Students should refer to the appropriate CSU website for current fee information: (CSUMB, SJSU, SFSU, CSUEB, CSUS, CSU Fresno, CSU Stanislaus).

Students should budget for food, housing, transportation, books, and personal expenses when estimating their annual education expenses. These costs can vary widely depending on where the student lives. The chart below represents a rough estimate of academic year (fall + spring semester) expenses for full-time graduate students living in the Monterey Bay Area:

Description *Approximate Cost (USD)
Room and board $12,000
Books and supplies $2,000
Personal expenses $3,000
Transportation $1,500
Registration fees per academic year $7,500
Total expenses per academic year         $26,000

Additional expenses and fees will apply for international students and non-residents. Non-California residents pay an additional $372 per unit. International students may be asked to show verification of one year's financial support (fees, tuition, cost of living expenses, etc.) to their home campus' Office of International Studies. International students should contact the Office of International Studies at the prospective CSU home campus for additional information on these requirements.


MLML provides students in the M.S. program financial support in the form of graduate assistantships (GA), as well as internal scholarships and grants. It is the responsibility of the student to contact his or her advisor about GA positions. Students are encouraged to contact Friends of Moss Landing Marine Laboratories and the MLML Graduate Coordinator for further information on funding opportunities. Additionally, each CSU campus offers campus specific funding opportunities for MLML students. Students are strongly encouraged to secure independent financial support during the duration of their time at MLML. MLML advises that all students complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) regardless of the student's academic workload or financial expectations for the coming year. The FAFSA and renewal application are available online at: http://www.fafsa.ed.gov.