Degree Requirements

Requirements for the MLML M.S. degree are as follows:

  • Completion of 30 units of coursework with a grade of 'B' or better, including three of the following five core courses: MS 103 (Marine Ecology), MS 141 (Geological Oceanography), MS 142 (Physical Oceanography), MS 143 (Chemical Oceanography) and MS 144 (Biological Oceanography). (These courses may be waived or transferred with approval from MLML faculty.)
  • Of the required 30 units, a minimum of 15 must be upper-division units (200-level) including MS 285: Graduate Seminar (2 units) and MS 299: Thesis (4 units)
  • Submission of a committee-approved thesis. The thesis must conform to the rules set forth by the student's home CSU campus and meet the academic standards of the MLML graduate program
  • An oral thesis defense in the form of a seminar open to the general public. The thesis committee must be present, may require further questioning after the seminar, and will evaluate the success of the presentation

MLML degree requirements are the same for all students regardless of the student's home CSU campus; admission, retention, and graduation procedures, however, vary by campus. All graduate students enter the program as Conditionally Classified and must satisfactorily complete MLML and CSU requirements to become Classified.