Registration Instructions

CSU Consortium Students

After you complete steps 1 though 5 of the Registration Instructions, you can officially enroll in the MLML class through your CSU student portal.  

  • If you wish to enroll through CSU East Bay, click here
  • If you are a current CSU Monterey Bay or San Jose State University student, the MLML Graduate Coordinator will email you permission numbers to enroll directly through your or student portal.  MLML classes are listed as 'MS' at SJSU and 'MLML' at CSUMB. 
  • If you are enrolled through Sacramento State University, CSU Stanislaus, Fresno State University, or San Francisco State University, the MLML Graduate Coordinator will email you approval to enroll directly through your student portal (no permission numbers needed).

Are there any fees?  MLML does not have any fees, though students may be required to pay for textbooks and students in dive classes are usually expected to use their own gear.  All registration and tuition fees are paid to the CSU. 

How will my financial aid be impacted?  MLML classes are equivalent to CSU classes when it comes to tuition/registration fees and financial aid.  For additional questions, contact your CSU financial aid office.

Can MLML units be counted towards my undergraduate or graduate degree?  MLML units do not automatically satisfy the degree requirements of your program.  If you would like MLML units to count toward your degree, you must receive department approval prior to officially enrolling in an MLML class.

How do I confirm my enrollment at MLML and the CSU?  To confirm enrollment, make sure your name is on the class roster during the first and second class meeting and view your class schedule using your CSU student portal.  Registration is not complete until you successfully reserve space through MLML, officially enroll in the class through your CSU, and pay all required fees at the CSU.