Choosing a Faculty Advisor

Before applying to MLML, prospective students must select an MLML faculty advisor(s) through whom to apply.  Applicants are advised to choose the faculty member whose research is most closely aligned with his or her own area of interest within the field.  For a list of faculty advisors, visit the MLML Faculty Directory

Students who decide to apply through one of the following faculty members are not required to be co-advised by, and do not need to apply through, another faculty member:  Ivano Aiello, Kenneth Coale, Tom Connolly, Jonathan Geller, Michael Graham, Scott Hamilton, Birgitte McDonald, Nicholas Welschmeyer. 

Students who decide to apply through one of the following faculty members are required to be co-advised by, and apply through, an additional, tenure or tenure-track faculty member:  David Ebert, Stacy Kim, John Oliver, Jason Smith, Richard Starr, Diana Steller, or any other MLML Research Faculty or CSU Consortium faculty members—including CSUMB faculty Rikk Kvitek, Cheryl Logan, Corey Garza, James Lindholm, Steve Moore, Alison Haupt, Kerry Nickols, and Nate Jue.

  .  These faculty advisors will often be able to help students find an eligible MLML Tenure-Track faculty advisor through whom to apply.  

Prospective students should contact a potential faculty advisor(s) before submitting application materials, and before scheduling a visit to MLML. Discussing your application with a potential faculty advisor and visiting MLML will 1) provide you with a better understanding of what our program has to offer 2) help you determine if the selected faculty advisor is the right academic mentor for you 3) enable you to speak with the potential advisor about the CSU campuses and the application process 4) enable you to speak with current students about the graduate program 5) strengthen the content of your application and 6) greatly improve your chances of acceptance.


If you have questions about choosing a faculty advisor contact the MLML Graduate Coordinator.