The application window for Fall admissions closes on February 1st.  Submissions of supplemental materials for applications already on file will be accepted through February 15.  Please see below for additional information.  

Prospective students:  If you have questions about the application process, please contact our Graduate Program Coordinator at or (831) 771-4401. 

Applying to the MLML graduate program is a two-step process:

  1. Apply to MLML by February 1 by filling out MLML's online application and submitting the required supporting documents to MLML by February 15.
  2. Apply to at least one CSU consortium campus via CSUMentor by February 1 and submit the required supporting documents to the CSU campus(es) by February 15.

Before applying to MLML you should:

  1. Select a faculty member to serve as your potential advisor.
  2. Contact that faculty member to schedule an interview and visit to MLML.
  3. Select a CSU consortium campus to serve as your home campus.
  4. Prepare supporting application documents as follows:
  • Request at least three official letters of recommendation sufficiently in advance of the Feb. 15 document deadline.  These letters should be from people familiar with your academic or professional work. The letters should be emailed directly from your references to the MLML graduate coordinator at, and you will not have access to them at any point.
  • Prepare a resume/CV that includes a summary of your relevant academic and professional experience
  • Prepare a statement of purpose, describing your specific research interests and how MLML can help achieve your goals
  • Request official transcripts from each post-secondary institution attended (these will be sent only to the CSU campus)
  • Request official GRE scores (if required by the CSU campus through which you applied; these will be sent only to the CSU campus)
  • Request official TOEFL scores (only required for international students)

How to apply to MLML online:

  1. Complete and submit MLML's application form online by February 1. Your application will not be processed until this online form is submitted. Your information will remain confidential.  You can only submit your online application once, so check your application carefully before submitting.  If you would like to update any information prior to the deadline, please notify the MLML Graduate Coordinator.  MLML does not have an application fee, but there is an application fee for each application submitted through CSUMentor.
  2. Have all required application materials emailed to the MLML Graduate Coordinator at by February 15 after receiving a confirmation notice.  These materials are described below under "Explanation of Supplemental Materials."  All materials, less the letters of recommendation which should be sent directly from the references, should be sent as a single PDF attachment in a single email to the Graduate Coordinator.  Please include your full name in the attachment name (i.e. John_Smith.pdf).

How to apply to the CSU online:

  1. Apply to at least one CSU consortium campus online via CSUMentor by February 1 and pay the application fee.
  2. Submit the following application materials by February 15 to the Admissions Office at each CSU campus applied through:
  • Official transcripts from each post-secondary institution attended
  • Official GRE scores (if required by the CSU campus)
  • Official TOEFL scores (for international students only)

Explanation of Supplemental Materials

Transcripts (official copies submitted to the CSU, unofficial copies to MLML)
Prospective students should order transcripts 6-8 weeks before the document deadline and send them to the appropriate office at each CSU campus through which he or she applied. MLML requires only that an electronic copy of unofficial transcripts be sent to the Graduate Coordinator.

Letters of Recommendation (submitted to MLML only)
Prospective students should request letters of recommendations from those familiar with their academic and/or professional work. The MLML faculty recommend that two of the three letters come from professors, with the additional letter either from an academic or non-academic source (e.g., a volunteer organization or business). Prospective students should provide their recommenders background information on MLML so the letter can be tailored specifically toward our program. Letters of recommendation become the property of MLML and are not available to applicants during the admission process or at any point during or after a student's tenure at MLML.

CV/Resume (submitted to MLML only)
A prospective student's CV/resume should include: (1) academic background (GPA, list of classes, degrees earned), (2) research experience, (3) relevant job experience, club or organization membership, and volunteer experience.

Statement of Purpose (submitted to MLML only)
The Statement of Purpose should detail: (1) why the student wants to study marine science (2) the student's background in marine science (3) the reason the student wants to attend MLML and work in a specific field, and (4) what goals the student ultimately intends to pursue in the field of marine science.  Although some CSU Mentor applications have a place for a Statement of Purpose, MLML applicants are not required to submit a Statement of Purpose in their Mentor application and only need to submit it to MLML via email.  In addition, while the CSU Mentor Statement of Purpose includes a word limit, MLML's Statement of Purpose has no word limit.  

GRE Scores (official copies submitted to the CSU, unofficial copies to MLML)
MLML does not require prospective students to take the GRE. However, a good score on either the GRE general test or a relevant GRE subject test can greatly improve an applicant's chances for admission. As such, MLML strongly recommends that students take the GRE prior to applying.  Unofficial GRE scores should be submitted to MLML in two forms: 1) a PDF of the Examinee Score Report that can be downloaded from the ETS website (see example here), or 2) a scan of the hard copy Examinee Score Report mailed to you by ETS (see example here).  Certain CSU campuses require the GRE. If the student applies through a campus that requires the GRE he or she must submit official copies of GRE scores to the CSU and unofficial, scanned copies to MLML.

TOEFL Scores (official copies submitted to the CSU, unofficial copies to MLML)
Prospective students from countries where English is not the primary language must take this exam. The students should check with the CSU campus through which he or she is applying for more information.

If you have questions about the application process, please contact the MLML Graduate Coordinator.